Colon cancer growth stages

Part Three: Colorectal Cancer Treatment

What happens once cancer is diagnosed?
If you have colorectal cancer, a team of specialists will be there to help. The team will advise you to have blood tests and scans to determine what is known regarding the stage (extent) of the cancer. Read More »

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Avera Race Training: Lace Up!

Is it just me, or does it feel like this winter has been especially long? This icy and cold season has been hard on a fair-weather runner, such as me. Usually I get out more often despite the cold.
I’m a mom who works a lot of late hours, and I’m also in school to finish my MBA. Read More »

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Understanding Childhood ADHD

“My child just can’t ever sit still for more than two seconds!”
“I tell him to take out the trash, and I find him a few minutes later doing something else.”
“She is easily distracted by pretty much anything, and her teacher reports it takes her twice as long to do an assignment as it does her classmates.”
Do these types of frustrations sound familiar? Read More »

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Part Two: Colorectal Cancer Symptoms and Tests

What are the symptoms of colorectal cancer?
The development of colorectal cancer from a polyp may take between five to ten years and there may be no symptoms at all. Many symptoms are similar to those of irritable bowel syndrome and this can sometimes cause difficulty in making a diagnosis. Read More »

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The Path to Understanding the Proper Diet

We have long been on the path to understanding the proper diet that prevents heart attacks and strokes.
Although most believe a life style of moderate physical activity and avoidance of smoke is important in preventing atherosclerosis, there remains no answer to the question, “Which diet protects against heart attacks and stroke?”
Trendy Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy
For years we thought it was a no-egg, low fat, and more vegetarian diet, but in recent years, experts have started endorsing more meat. Read More »

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Mission: Nutrition

During the month of February, the Avera Heart Hospital dietitians, Nikki VerSteeg, Jocelyn Johnson and Mary Beth Russell, teamed up with the local Avera dietitian at several locations to host a fun-filled night celebrating heart health. The night included wine tastings, heart healthy food and a unique presentation about the importance of breakfast, grocery shopping, meal planning and healthy restaurant eating. Read More »

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