It’s Back – Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment started Saturday, Nov. 15. Most of the attention during open enrollment focuses on the opening of the Marketplace on The attention is deserved — last year’s website experience left a lot to be desired, and many are watching to see how the website performs this year. Read More »
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Lung Cancer Screenings: A Painless Peace of Mind

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in South Dakota and in the United States. It has caused more deaths than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. There’s no better way to increase your awareness than getting a lung cancer screening. Read More »
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I Have a Pre-Affordable Care Act Plan, Why Change?

So you have health insurance coverage from the dark ages? Maybe it’s the same policy you purchased years ago. Year after year, your premium has gone up. But outside of shaking your head at the price, and figuring out what you’d have to give up in your household budget to keep it, there wasn’t much you could do. Read More »
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The Toddler Years: Guidance and Discipline (Part 2)

Let’s continue looking for opportunities to help guide toddlers’ behaviors. Teach Trading Sharing isn’t really possible for most toddlers. To them, sharing means giving up their possessions without getting them back. Trading is a good first step to learning about sharing. Read More »
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Kicking the Habit

You’ve just eaten a wonderful steak dinner. What’s next? If you’re a smoker, the end of a good meal may trigger a cigarette craving. If you’re trying to quit, one of the keys is knowing your triggers and how to work around them. Read More »
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The Toddler Years: Guidance and Discipline (Part 1)

Toddlers think and learn very differently from older preschoolers, so we need to think differently about guidance and discipline for these little guys. When toddlers behave inappropriately, think about what is happening from their point of view. Avoid punishing them for things they haven’t learned yet. Read More »
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