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Winning the Battle of the Bulge

Would you love to lose that extra weight for an upcoming wedding or reunion – or in the grander scheme – for better health? Have you tried dieting and exercise with little success? A non-surgical procedure that’s newly approved by the FDA might be a solution. Read More »
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Shopping for the Season? Don’t Forget Health Insurance

Shopping for health insurance isn’t as fun as holiday shopping, but it’s still a critical purchase you might have on your list, alongside the stocking stuffers and Christmas turkey.  If you are enrolled in a plan, in most cases you will automatically renew. Read More »
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Steps Toward a Better Back

Having gone through back surgery 26 years ago, Chris Bender wanted to address new back pain with more conservative approaches before considering surgery again. “I know that things are a lot different now, with new minimally invasive techniques. But I still wanted to try more conservative treatments first to see if it could resolve the pain,” said Bender, who works as a nurse anesthetist. Read More »
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Health Matters: Manage Your Chronic Condition

Not everyone is in tiptop shape. Many people suffer from things like asthma, diabetes, COPD and heart issues. Does that mean you can’t live an active and fulfilling life? Absolutely not. But it does mean that a certain amount of management and planning needs to occur. Read More »
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Occupational Therapy: How Can it Help?

Most people hear occupational therapy and think, “I don’t need a job” because they are retired or already have a job.  But occupation isn’t just about the place that you go to work every day. Occupation is defined as “Activities of everyday life, named, organized and given value and meaning by individuals and a culture.  Read More »
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Staying Fit at Holiday Time

Fitness doesn’t have to be at the bottom of your holiday to-do list. You can still get in some exercise while staying in the holiday spirit. Around the holidays, that might look like running a Jingle Bell 5K with your whole family or finding the biggest hill nearby for sledding. Read More »
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