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Haiti Mission: Hospital Hours

The hospital in Jeremie is far from any standards that we are familiar with, yet this is one of the main health care facilities in the area and the place to be if you need medical attention. Our breast health team was invited to work in their local hospital for a few days.  Read More »
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Haiti Mission: A Clinic in the Village

On our first clinic day at the village, we were welcomed with smiles and song.  To hear the hymn, “How Great Thou Art” in Creole is absolutely beautiful.  The people here learn in song, so their second song was very upbeat with hand motions. Read More »
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Will You Lose Your Health Insurance?

An Oct. 30, 2013, headline reads, “Millions will lose their health care coverage.” It is true that many Americans who purchase individual health insurance will be receiving letters shortly from their health insurance carrier telling them that their policy is being canceled. Read More »
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Haiti Mission: Providing Education, Care and Support

Avera has had a long-standing history of mission trips supporting the people of Jeremie, Haiti through the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF).  I am on this trip with 15 other volunteers who are from South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota. We all have various medical and non-medical backgrounds. Read More »
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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: Adaptability

Of all the temperament traits, slow adaptability is probably the one that gives kids the hardest time. This is especially true if the parents aren’t familiar with adaptability. Adaptability refers to how easily one adjusts to changes. Some kids are able to “go with the flow” – when plans change, they are willing to be flexible; when someone unexpected shows up, they’re delighted; when there’s a new experience to be had, they’re all over it. Read More »
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Obamacare: A Shopping Mall Experience

Most of us get our health insurance through our employer. Many work for employers who pay part of the cost of our monthly premium, decide on the issuer of our plan, and chose our co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for us. Read More »
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