The Toddler Years: B for Biter

Every parent of a toddler and every adult who works with toddlers dreads hearing the word biter. Whether your child is biting, is being bitten, or you take care of a child who bites, you likely react very strongly to this behavior. Read More »
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The Toddler Years Intro: Learning About Your Toddler

Kicking ball Toddlerhood is one of our favorite stages of development. We love toddlers! It’s fascinating to watch little ones discover and explore the world in their unique way. Few adults can remember being a toddler. We remember being 4 or 5 years old when we had pretty good language skills, had the basic principles of the world figured out and could follow the rules and shared most of the time. Read More »
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Lungs with cancer

Five Things You Should Know About Lung Cancer

A lung cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are five things from the Patient Resource Cancer Guide from that you should know about lung cancer. Not all lung cancers are the same.  As with many cancers, lung cancer is not just one disease. Read More »
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Women measuring waistline

Changing The Way Of Measuring Progress Through Waist Circumference

Progress is defined as “the forward or onward movement toward a destination.” In the world of health and fitness, measuring progress usually means looking at your “magical” number that pops up on the scale, which either makes you happy or puts your day into a downward spiral. Read More »
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Teach your children about summer storm safety.

Safety First: Summer Storm Safety

When kids reach middle school, they are usually too old for traditional day care. Many are enrolled in summer programs, but a fair number of these kids are home alone during the summer months. Parents need to make sure their children know about basic safety rules like how to answer the door or phone, what to do if the smoke alarm goes off, etc. Read More »
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Supervision is the key to water safety.

Safety First: Water Safety

Summer in the Midwest means it’s time for water fun! Whether you and your children plan to splash in the pool, go to the lake or water park, or just have some fun in the tub, thinking about water safety is very important. Read More »
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