Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: Retail Therapy

Her name badge says a lot: Jennifer Grossman. Director, Retail/Volunteer.
While retail and volunteers may appear as disconnected departments for one person to manage, they are related. Both carry on the mission of Avera McKennan by serving its patients, employees and families. Read More »

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Top Pick’s at the Farmer’s Market

Healthy eating is easy in the summer, when a variety of produce is in season and widely available. And what’s better than heading out to your local farmer’s market to support your local farmers and having a rainbow of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables right at your fingertips!? Read More »

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It’s Potty Training Time: How to Know When Your Child is Ready

Let’s Get Started                      
The first thing to remember is that punishment NEVER has a place in potty training. Potty training is actually one of the leading instigators of child abuse; it is something that causes parents to “lose it.” It can be very frustrating when a child pees on the carpet for the third time in one day or poops behind the couch. Read More »

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Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: Kitchen Staff Defeats ‘Hospital Food’ Stereotype

Executive Chef Amanda Viau oversees a large staff of chefs and food preparation workers that prepare around 3,400 meals per day for the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, the Avera Behavioral Health Center and the Prairie Center.
The Avera McKennan kitchen has eight coolers and freezers, 11 ovens and five semi-truck deliveries of food per week. Read More »

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Twelve Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

In light of the royal baby buzz, I’ve been thinking about what it was like being a first-time parent. Keeping in mind that I was six months away from being a full-fledged pediatrician when I had my first child, you would think that I probably knew everything there is to know about having kids. Read More »

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What is Avera@Home?

Avera@Home provides high-quality, cost-effective care in the home. Services include in-home care for those with chronic illnesses, post-hospitalization needs and end-of-life care. Before establishing Avera@Home, Avera’s home care and hospice services were departments of our different health care facilities. By unifying these services into one organization, Avera is able to maximize best practices, gain economies of scale and eventually be able to serve more patients that qualify for our services within the Avera footprint. Read More »

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