A Difficult Decision: Preventive Measures for Breast Cancer

Most breast cancers are not caused by inherited genetic mutations. However, for the women who do inherit genes that strongly increase their breast cancer risk, it is critical that these genes be detected prior to a woman’s development of breast cancer. Read More »

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Nurse with Cancer Patient

What is an Oncology Nurse?

May is Oncology Nursing Month. This worldwide recognition honors the nurses who care for patients with cancer. Thousands of nurses participate in Oncology Nursing Month activities, ranging from social gatherings, fundraising to support patients and efforts to raise awareness of the rewards of an oncology nursing career. Read More »

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The Secret to Finding the Best Anti-Aging Creams

Every day I meet women who are seeking advice on what they should be using for “face creams.”  This question invariably comes up during office visits, whether women are in our office to talk about skin cancer, acne or a rash. Read More »

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Avera Race Training: Dedicating My Run

“It’s cancer.” Nothing can knock you off of your footing quite like those words.
My sister received a call with those words in October 2011. At first, they weren’t sure what type of cancer. She had a very large mucinous tumor removed, and it took more than two weeks for both Baylor and MD Anderson to examine it to determine if it was ovarian or pancreatic cancer. Read More »

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Sleep Study: Getting Toddlers to Sleep

You made it through your infants’ frequent awakenings and have adjusted to getting a full night’s sleep again. Then, your baby becomes a toddler, and you get a new set of sleep problems!
Toddler Sleep Patterns
Toddlers need between twelve and fourteen hours of sleep per day, including naps. Read More »

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Sugar Substitutes: A Sweet Alternative?

If you read my last article on sugar, you know that added sugar is everywhere! You may also be aware that excessive sugar intake is not only wreaking havoc on our waistlines, but our overall health as well. In an effort to cut calories and make healthier food choices, many consumers turn to “diet” products like fat-free yogurt, diet soda, sugar-free ice cream, etc. Read More »

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