How Can You Reduce Health Care Insurance Costs?

What a great summer I had! I was able to travel back to Wyoming and see some old friends. This was a much needed break as I am gearing up for all the changes in health care for 2014. My friends asked, “How does the Affordable Care Act and wellness impact health insurance?” One thing that I told them was that some employers may increase your health insurance premium up to 50-percent next year if you use tobacco. Read More »
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Fueling Kids for the School Year

Fueling your kids for success in school is easier said than done. More and more research is pointing to how important healthy eating and good nutrition can be to impact test scores and attention levels in the classroom. As new routines have been set into place for this school year, it is a good time to put into practice some meal and snack habits that can help your kids be successful in school. Read More »
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Pre-Existing Conditions and Health Care Reform

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, many rules and regulations governing the health care industry will change. For those with a pre-existing condition such as diabetes or heart problems, obtaining health insurance has been very difficult. That is about to change. Starting Jan 1, 2014, you cannot be refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions, even if you have been refused coverage in the past. Read More »
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Reading with Your Children: How to Keep Your Older Child Engaged

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of reading. Children develop a variety of learning skills when they are read to regularly—vocabulary, memory and comprehension are a few. Reading to kids requires adults to turn off the “screens” and give kids undivided attention. Read More »
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Obamacare: What Does It Mean For You? Part I

President Obama made it official during last year’s election campaign when he endorsed the use of the words “Obamacare” to label the largest overhaul to the health insurance industry since medical and hospital expense policies began to be offered in the early 20th century. Read More »
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Reading with Your Children: Why it’s Important and How to Start

In the world of “screens”—computers, smart phones, tablets, gaming systems—it would be easy to let reading to your child fall by the way side. Many of these devices will actually read TO your child, so you don’t have to, right? Wrong! Read More »
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