A Positive Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

Are you guilty of skipping breakfast, taking too many trips through the drive-thru and counting French fries as a serving of vegetables? As we get to the end of the year, it seems that we look back on the year and think about making resolutions about what we’re NOT going to do. Read More »
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Merry Christmas and Happy “Insured” New Year!

It is Christmas Eve, Santa is off on his trip around the world and the elves are getting ready for his return. I enjoy this quiet time to relax and every year, I reflect and identify one Christmas wish.  This year I’m wishing for everyone to have quality health insurance. Read More »
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Is Time Running Out to Enroll In Health Insurance Coverage?

Wow, we have been busy at Avera Health Plans! We are receiving more than 100 enrollment applications daily from the marketplace at healthcare.gov and we are enrolling many more directly through our website. It is a priority that we are available to answer questions for individuals, agents and business owners. Read More »
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No Excuse for Not Enrolling in Health Insurance

In the final days of the countdown to Christmas Eve, things around here are getting pretty hectic. So I am checking in with all my elf workers to make sure they remembered to enroll in health insurance. So even if they miss the deadline for health insurance coverage for Jan. Read More »
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Holiday Grief: When Your Loved One Won’t Be Home for Christmas

“I’ll be home for Christmas; you can plan on me…” This popular song used to bring a warm, nostalgic feeling to my heart around this time of year, but now it brings tears. My family and I have grieved over these last few years, and the loss of a loved one feels especially raw around Christmas when I would give anything just to see, hear and touch that person again. Read More »
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What is Your Plan for Health Insurance?

It’s official, it is the holiday season. Have you scoured the internet for the best deals or are you one of those who brave the cold to shop the Black Friday early morning deals?  I’ll be the first to admit, on Thanksgiving morning, I made a run to the gas station to find the big, thick newspaper that became the focal point of discussion for hours after our family’s Thanksgiving Day meal. Read More »
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