Multi-Dimensional Breast Care at Avera

Many women age 40 and older at one point have experienced a phone call alerting them that they need further testing after a screening mammogram found an area of concern. While in many cases these turn out to be non-cancerous, the stress and worry are real. Read More »
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Doctor with patient

Find the Best Way to Connect With an Avera Provider

You lead a busy lifestyle that doesn’t leave you with much downtime. We realize that convenience is important when you or your family members need medical care. Today, you have multiple options for receiving medical care from Avera’s skilled providers. You can receive care through a variety of ways: primary care clinics (during business hours), emergency care, after-hours and convenience clinics, and AveraNow. Read More »
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Genetics and the Future of Medicine

What do Bill Clinton, Wilt Chamberlain and Mary Lou Retton have in common? Their genetics are 99.99 percent the same. In fact, each one of us is only 0.01 percent genetically different, and that is the piece that determines skin color, eye color, height and more. Read More »
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A patient uses the AveraNow application.

Health Care In The Palm of Your Hand

Do you need to see a doctor for an ache or pain? There’s an app for that. AveraNow is a new mobile video doctor visit that can take place over a smartphone, tablet or computer. AveraNow is offered by Avera as part of its growing direct-to-consumer, easy access points of care. Read More »
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Pharmacy staff selects medication stored in rotating carousels.

Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: The Centralized Pharmacy

Pharmacy staff selects medication stored in rotating carousels. “What’s that thing in the hallway?” “Is that a robot?” It’s a typical response on the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center campus. Thinking they look like some kind of alternative R2D2 from Star Wars, I’ve noticed these little machines scooting down the halls and into elevators. Read More »
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Backpacks vs. Kids’ Backs

Ever heard of the phrase “the weight of the world on your shoulders”? OK, so kids may not be carrying the weight of the world’s worries, but a heavy backpack on a young child is something to worry about. “Heavy, ill-fitting backpacks not only cause back, neck and shoulder pain, but sometimes numbness and tingling in the arms and hands can occur when narrow straps dig into the shoulders,” said Brian Wienk, PT, ScD, COMT, Avera Physical Therapist. Read More »
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