Dignity Robes Offer Compassion and Comfort

Sometimes even the smallest thing can make a big difference. For women undergoing breast cancer treatment at Avera Cancer Institute Sioux Falls, Dignity Robes are one of those things. Dignity Robes are essentially shirts with Velcro down the front and sides. Read More »
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Stay Fit, Don’t Sit: The many benefits of walking

Just like a car, your body has an idle speed – a basal metabolic index. If you can increase your body’s RPM, even from a 1 to a 2, your body burns more calories, more efficiently. “It’s simply the difference between sitting and walking,” said Preston Renshaw, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Avera Health Plans. Read More »
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Get to Know the New Avera Plastic Surgeons

Avera Medical Group welcomes plastic surgeons, Mark Shashikant, MD, FACS, and Barry Martin, MD, FACS, The doctors, who practice together at Avera Medical Group Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, are new to Sioux Falls but will not be working together for the first time. Read More »
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It’s a Pain in the Neck

If you are like me, I have a love-hate relationship with my computer, tablet and my phone. I love the convenience of having access to my work, friends, family and media at my fingertips. However, 24/7 access can also come with the challenge of balancing the constant inflow and outflow of information. Read More »
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‘Why Can’t I Have Another Baby?’

When couples want a second baby, and yet it’s not happening, it’s both confusing and frustrating. It seems that if you were able to get pregnant and have one child, it can happen again. Yet secondary infertility is an issue that some couples face. Read More »
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Get to the Root of your Health Issues

Don’t feel well but don’t know why? Are multiple health issues keeping you from getting the most out of life? An approach to health care known as functional medicine might be able to help. Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach in a partnership with patients for improving their health. Read More »
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