Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: Distraction Level

Distractibility refers to how easily one can be drawn off task or how much concentration he can apply to the task at hand. Some children may be right in the middle of something interesting and their attention gets pulled away by something else entirely. Read More »
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Help Pregnancy Back Pain with Stretching

I just had my second baby in less than two years.  Life just got a bit more chaotic and a lot more exhausting. Regardless, I am blissfully happy! Growing a human being is miraculous and empowering, but with this gift comes demand — aches and pains are bound to happen as our bodies change physically.  Read More »
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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: Daily Biological Cycles

Do you go to bed and wake up around the same times every day? Are you hungry for meals around the same times every day? If so, your temperament score on daily biological cycles would be very regular. Children have the same temperament issues as well. Read More »
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Journey to Wellness: The Protein Argument

One of the most common questions I get about my diet is, “where do you get your protein?” Let’s take a closer look at the protein argument that would apply to any of our diets. The building blocks of protein are called amino acids. Read More »
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Last Call: Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Ends Feb. 15

If you want health insurance or want to look for a different plan – you still have time! There isn’t much time left so I won’t waste words. Open enrollment for health insurance on the Marketplace ends at midnight on Sunday, Feb. Read More »
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The Spanking Dilemma

Spanking children is deeply ingrained in our culture. Most adults remember being spanked as a child. Today, physical punishment of a child is legal in all states and many states also allow the use of an object — paddle, switch, wooden spoon, strap — for reasonable supervision and control of a child as long as it is not “excessive” and does not cause injury. Read More »
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