Don't let leakage of urine stop you from doing what you enjoy.

The Difference Between Urge Urinary Incontinence and Stress Urinary Incontinence

It happened. You had to go to the bathroom very badly, and then you sneezed and wet your pants. You are not alone! Urinary incontinence is a common issue that women of all ages experience, and it is one of the primary topics we deal with in our clinic. Read More »

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Hiring a Teenage Baby Sitter

It’s always great to have family or friends who will watch your child; but for many parents, the day will come when you have to hire a teenager to care for your child so you can run errands, go to a meeting or have that all-important date night. Read More »

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It is important for parents to include stranger danger in the safety skills they teach their children.

Safety First: Child Abduction Part I

Amber Alerts, news reports about missing children, and posters with children’s faces seem to be a daily occurrence. The term “stranger danger” is often used in reference to child abductions. But statistics today tell us that most child abductions are carried out by a family member or a family acquaintance. Read More »

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Household items

Let’s Make It Safe: Poison Prevention Guidelines

Two-year-old Ethan’s mom was about to take her prenatal vitamin when the doorbell rang. She left the open container on the kitchen counter for just a minute. Ethan managed to reach the vitamins and swallowed several by the time his mom returned. Read More »

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6 Simple Outdoor Exercises

The sun is finally shining and the grass is turning green. After our long winter, I am ready to get outdoors and get active!
With the amount of options in outdoor activities, the park can be your gym, walking trails your treadmill and many other ways to stay active this summer. Read More »

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Avera Mobile Mammography Truck

Women’s Health: A Screening Mammogram on Your Coffee Break?

This process sounds unusual, but it can be done! Finding time to schedule a mammogram can be difficult, especially if you live miles from the nearest mammography unit or have a busy work schedule. Thankfully, because of mobile digital mammography trucks, women are able to have a mammography unit come to them. Read More »

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