Consequences of No Health Insurance

“Do I really have to … ?”
I must have said that at least 100 times growing up. Do I really have to go to bed? Do I really have to wash the dishes? Do I really have to wear braces? Read More »

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Health Care Insurance Marketplace – How’s It Going?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released monthly enrollment numbers for the Health Insurance Marketplace and there are some interesting tidbits about South Dakota’s experience. Put those tidbits together with anecdotal stories I’ve heard directly from it, and it is a good tale to tell. Read More »

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After-Hours Care vs. Emergency Room – What’s the Difference?

You pick up your child from daycare only to find out she is sick. Something about the way she looks makes you think she shouldn’t wait to see her regular doctor tomorrow. Where should you go—to an after-hours care location or to the emergency room? Read More »

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Keeping Up With Technology: Fitness Tracking Devices

These days it seems like no matter what you do in your occupation and personal life, you are faced with changes in technology that are intended to make your time more efficient and/or effective. Technology (for the better or worse) is here to stay. Read More »

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child heart health

How to Prevent Heart Disease in Children

February is heart health month. Fortunately we, as pediatricians, don’t see a lot of heart-related problems in children, so our job is not necessarily to diagnose and treat the manifestations of heart disease as our colleagues who treat adults do, but to rather start the process of preventing heart disease in the first place. Read More »

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talking with your teen

5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship with Your Teen

Are you and your child on a journey through the teenage years? On every journey, one needs a survival kit. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it highlights a few key elements that are necessary to build a healthy relationship with your teen. Read More »

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