Looking and Feeling First-Rate while Going through Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatment can make it difficult to look and feel your best, especially if you’re a woman. One of the most difficult things for anyone is looking in the mirror. Cancer treatment can cause multiple changes in appearance, serving as a constant reminder of the disease and making you look sicker than you may feel. Read More »

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The Toddler Years: Exploring the Big World

Maya is sitting at the table coloring with crayons, humming softly and talking to mom who is nearby. In flies 18-month-old Joey. He grabs the crayons and starts coloring on the nearest chair. Mom manages to get them out of his hand but not before he knocks the chair over. Read More »

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Offering Help to Someone Going through Cancer Treatment

Many patients’ family and friends say “What can I do to help” or “How can I help?” But what does that truly mean?
People with cancer have a hard time figuring out what exactly you could do to help or what they need help with. Read More »

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Reconnect to the World of Hearing

Recent breakthroughs in hearing aid technology have our clinic staff bursting with excitement and optimism for the future of hearing loss treatment.
New technology is making it even easier for people with hearing loss to stay connected with family and friends by providing increased capability for users to quickly adapt to different environments. Read More »

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Fighting the Ebola Virus in Africa

Recently, when given the opportunity by the World Health Organization to serve as a volunteer physician and consultant in the heart of the West Africa Ebola outbreak, I didn’t even hesitate.
For an academic and clinical type like myself, this opportunity could be compared to a lawyer who is given the opportunity to present a case to the Supreme Court. Read More »

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Behind the Scenes at Avera McKennan: Biomedical Services

This summer, we were blessed to have some awesome interns who shared their time and talents with Avera McKennan Hospital & University Center, and at the same time, had a “real life” experience of life in the Marketing Department. One of our interns was Erin Williams, a senior at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. Read More »

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