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Silver Lung Cancer Ribbon

Could a Lung Screening Save Your Life?

In my time at the Avera Cancer Institute in Mitchell, I have seen all kinds of people walk through the door. All with different kinds of cancer, one of the hardest ones to catch early is lung cancer.
According to the American Cancer Society lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer for both men and women. Read More »

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Avera Mobile Mammography Truck

Women’s Health: A Screening Mammogram on Your Coffee Break?

This process sounds unusual, but it can be done! Finding time to schedule a mammogram can be difficult, especially if you live miles from the nearest mammography unit or have a busy work schedule. Thankfully, because of mobile digital mammography trucks, women are able to have a mammography unit come to them. Read More »

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Prevent Illness, Get Vaccinated!

Time has escaped me. It seems like yesterday that I was in college, struggling for grades, anticipating a career in medicine, worrying about the war in Vietnam and starting a family. I never gave a thought to my health, most likely because I enjoyed wonderful health and no one ever, ever discussed health issues or immunizations for that matter. Read More »

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Do You Hear what I Hear?!

Often times, we forget that hearing loss has an impact on more than just the person with the hearing loss. As Mark Ross, audiologist, said, “When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem.” Family members, spouses and friends are equally affected and frequently, these people hold the crucial responsibility of getting an individual to take action against their hearing loss. Read More »

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How Can You Reduce Health Care Insurance Costs?

What a great summer I had! I was able to travel back to Wyoming and see some old friends. This was a much needed break as I am gearing up for all the changes in health care for 2014.
My friends asked, “How does the Affordable Care Act and wellness impact health insurance?” One thing that I told them was that some employers may increase your health insurance premium up to 50-percent next year if you use tobacco. Read More »

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Flu Vaccinations for Avera Employees

At Avera, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients, customers and residents. This includes doing everything we can to keep employees, doctors, nurses and customers healthy. Avera recently announced a new policy for mandatory influenza vaccinations for our employees. Read More »

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