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Help Pregnancy Back Pain with Stretching

I just had my second baby in less than two years.  Life just got a bit more chaotic and a lot more exhausting. Regardless, I am blissfully happy! Growing a human being is miraculous and empowering, but with this gift comes demand — aches and pains are bound to happen as our bodies change physically.  Read More »
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Childbirth Education – Guest Post with Deb Vigness

Our blogs usually deal with child development and parenting topics. Parenting actually begins before your child is born. We have invited Avera McKennan’s Childbirth Education Coordinator Deb Vigness, RN to share some information about opportunities for expectant parents. People rarely feel fully prepared for a new situation, and childbirth is no exception. Read More »
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Benefits of Breastfeeding and Tips for New Moms

I want to take the opportunity to encourage all mothers to breastfeed. We are learning more and more about the benefits of breastfeeding, both for moms and babies. There are many advantages that formula just cannot duplicate, such as immune system support and reducing the odds of getting breast cancer. Read More »
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Tools of the Trade–Baby Essentials

As I write this, I am back at work after maternity leave. I spent the last seven weeks at home, caring for my newborn daughter and her older sisters. Throughout my days at home, I realized that I have accumulated quite a few products that I consider invaluable when taking care of my children. Read More »
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5 Heart Disease Food Myths Busted!

As a dietitian at Avera Heart Hospital, I see many people using common food myths to drive their nutritional choices. When I teach them about healthy eating, people are often shocked to find out that a dietitian would recommend eggs or that Cheerios may not be a healthy choice. Read More »
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