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Mini-Cams Open a New Window on Childhood GI Care

Stephen Nanton, MD Gastrointestinal issues in children present unusual challenges for both patients and doctors. With the help of their parents, kids must change their lifestyle substantially, especially when it comes to diet. For health care providers, finding the best treatment for each patient can be a difficult process of trial and error. Read More »
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How to Prevent Heart Disease in Children

February is heart health month. Fortunately we, as pediatricians, don’t see a lot of heart-related problems in children, so our job is not necessarily to diagnose and treat the manifestations of heart disease as our colleagues who treat adults do, but to rather start the process of preventing heart disease in the first place. Read More »
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Does Your Child Need a Multi-Vitamin?

Many parents struggle with getting their kids to eat healthy, and many feel like they aren’t succeeding. I often get asked, “Does my child need a multi-vitamin?” The answer is usually “no.” Healthy Food is the Best Option The best way to get essential vitamins and minerals is not from a pill (or liquid or gummy) but from food. Read More »
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Childbirth Education – Guest Post with Deb Vigness

Our blogs usually deal with child development and parenting topics. Parenting actually begins before your child is born. We have invited Avera McKennan’s Childbirth Education Coordinator Deb Vigness, RN to share some information about opportunities for expectant parents. People rarely feel fully prepared for a new situation, and childbirth is no exception. Read More »
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Growing Strong: Could Your Child Have an Iron Deficiency?

The most common nutritional deficiency is iron deficiency. In pediatrics, it is most common in older infants, young children and teenage girls. It is usually a result of not getting enough iron, using more iron to make new blood cells during growth spurts, losing blood somewhere, or most likely, a combination of those factors. Read More »
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How to Handle Back-to-School Jitters

It’s hard to believe, but the start of the new school year is already upon us. For some children, this means returning to a group of friends they haven’t seen much of all summer. For others, starting school may be a brand new thing! Read More »
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