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Is Pain Interrupting Your Sleep?

After reading a recent article about pain and how it affects sleep, the information prompted me to write about the relationship individuals experience with pain and sleep. Whether it’s from a sore lower back or throbbing tooth, pain is hard enough to deal with during the light of day. Read More »

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Migraines in Adolescents – What You Need to Know

Chronic headaches – we think of them as something that affect mainly adults but the truth is that they affect children, too. And the worst kind headache for most people is a migraine headache. I find many parents are surprised to learn that a child can get migraine headaches just like an adult. Read More »

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BPPV: A Common Cause of Dizziness

One day my dad came to me with a concern regarding his balance. He stated that anytime he looks up, bends over or rolls over to his right side, he gets really dizzy. I knew immediately what was going on and was happy to be able to help him. Read More »

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Ouch! Low-Back Pain Strikes!

With the great weather we have had lately, my wife and I have been working on our landscaping.  I am quickly reminded after an afternoon of yard work why so many of our health plan members have struggled with low-back pain. Read More »

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Allergies Acting Up?

Sniffling, sneezing and feeling just plain awful this spring? It could be your allergies acting up. Some allergens are present year-round, but most pollen is in greater concentration and reaches peak levels during the spring. Springtime brings plant and pollen allergies. Read More »

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