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Help Pregnancy Back Pain with Stretching

I just had my second baby in less than two years.  Life just got a bit more chaotic and a lot more exhausting. Regardless, I am blissfully happy! Growing a human being is miraculous and empowering, but with this gift comes demand — aches and pains are bound to happen as our bodies change physically.  Read More »
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Don’t Supersize This Holiday Season!

Here comes the holiday season! For many of us, it starts with Thanksgiving and carries on through the New Year. It includes special and traditional foods that are different than what we typically include in our regular meal plans. Holiday weight gain, not to mention heartburn, sluggishness and other maladies associated with overindulgence in food and drink, can be avoided. Read More »
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I Have a Pre-Affordable Care Act Plan, Why Change?

So you have health insurance coverage from the dark ages? Maybe it’s the same policy you purchased years ago. Year after year, your premium has gone up. But outside of shaking your head at the price, and figuring out what you’d have to give up in your household budget to keep it, there wasn’t much you could do. Read More »
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Reconnect to the World of Hearing

Recent breakthroughs in hearing aid technology have our clinic staff bursting with excitement and optimism for the future of hearing loss treatment. New technology is making it even easier for people with hearing loss to stay connected with family and friends by providing increased capability for users to quickly adapt to different environments. Read More »
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The Toddler Years Intro: Learning About Your Toddler

Kicking ball Toddlerhood is one of our favorite stages of development. We love toddlers! It’s fascinating to watch little ones discover and explore the world in their unique way. Few adults can remember being a toddler. We remember being 4 or 5 years old when we had pretty good language skills, had the basic principles of the world figured out and could follow the rules and shared most of the time. Read More »
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Mini-Cams Open a New Window on Childhood GI Care

Stephen Nanton, MD Gastrointestinal issues in children present unusual challenges for both patients and doctors. With the help of their parents, kids must change their lifestyle substantially, especially when it comes to diet. For health care providers, finding the best treatment for each patient can be a difficult process of trial and error. Read More »
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