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To Stabilize or Mobilize

We’ve all done it at one time or another.  We work out. We get tight, stiff and sore — or all of the above.  So we try stretching, mobilizing, foam rolling, rolling with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. We get our hands on “self torture devices” that move us around in odd shapes, do body work, manipulation, contortion, voodoo or anything that might give us relief. Read More »
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Chronic condition? Here are 10 things you should be asking your doctor

When it comes to your health and dealing with a chronic condition, there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. In fact, the more you know, the more you’ll feel satisfied with the outcome of your visit to the doctor. Read More »
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Imagine a Moment with Parkinson’s Disease

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, and in honor of that, I want to shed light on this debilitating condition that affects millions currently, and will begin to have a higher occurrence in the U.S. as our baby boomer generation ages. Read More »
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Help Pregnancy Back Pain with Stretching

I just had my second baby in less than two years.  Life just got a bit more chaotic and a lot more exhausting. Regardless, I am blissfully happy! Growing a human being is miraculous and empowering, but with this gift comes demand — aches and pains are bound to happen as our bodies change physically.  Read More »
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Don’t Supersize This Holiday Season!

Here comes the holiday season! For many of us, it starts with Thanksgiving and carries on through the New Year. It includes special and traditional foods that are different than what we typically include in our regular meal plans. Holiday weight gain, not to mention heartburn, sluggishness and other maladies associated with overindulgence in food and drink, can be avoided. Read More »
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I Have a Pre-Affordable Care Act Plan, Why Change?

So you have health insurance coverage from the dark ages? Maybe it’s the same policy you purchased years ago. Year after year, your premium has gone up. But outside of shaking your head at the price, and figuring out what you’d have to give up in your household budget to keep it, there wasn’t much you could do. Read More »
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