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Checklist: Coping with Stress and Burnout

Stress in moderation is healthy, but when stress is a constant in our lives it can lead to burnout. Burnout can be defined as the response to lasting stress, leading to decreased productivity, diminished compassion or care for others, and emotional drain (Edwards & Dirette, 2010). Read More »
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Ten Practical Ways to Ease Stress

Feeling stressed? You’re not the only one. We all feel stressed from time to time. Daily life stressors — from dealing with kids going back to school to concerns about finances, family or work — or even more serious life events can all cause stress of varying degrees. Read More »
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Put the Person Before the Disability

We’ve all heard it, and unfortunately at some point in our lives, we have probably even used it: The “R” word. Who cares, we don’t mean it to be offensive, right? Wrong. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of the word retard is “to slow down the development or progress of (something).” Unfortunately, the word has taken on a negative connotation and indicates stupidity or foolishness. Read More »
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5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship with Your Teen

Are you and your child on a journey through the teenage years? On every journey, one needs a survival kit. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it highlights a few key elements that are necessary to build a healthy relationship with your teen. Read More »
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Five Anxiety Myths and How to Work Through Them

For the past five years, I have had the pleasure of working with people from the ages of 2 to 82, who have anxiety. Anxiety is a daily battle that leaves the person exhausted, but still in the same place—almost like a mental hamster wheel. Read More »
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Understanding Behavioral Health and How to Access Help

Lobby of Avera Behavioral Health Center Behavioral health is for everyone – that’s right, everyone. From the CEO who seems to have it all to the stranger alone at a restaurant, no one has a problem-free life. Naturally, we all try to handle our problems on our own, but eventually we will all have a time of need and the question of “should I get help” becomes “now I need help.” Behavioral health programs are available to help in tough situations, such as: A loyal, grown child of an aging senior needs extra support while trudging through difficult transitions An involved, yet exhausted, parent of a child receives reports that his child has no ability to focus A teenager is lost in the world wondering where and how she fits in A master’s degree graduate becomes overwhelmed by a darkness she just cannot shake How can these people reach out? Read More »
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