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4 Health Challenges We All Struggle With and What to Do About Them

People think about health, fitness and performance. A lot. In fact, 66 percent of folks put fitness as their top goal for the year. Problem is, most don’t follow through. Here is a breakdown in numbers: 66: Percentage of resolvers set fitness goals as part of their resolutions. Read More »
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But it’s cold out there: Why winter can be a great time to run

If you think of running as a sport that’s reserved for track stars, think again. Given that you’re healthy enough, anyone can begin running – even in the winter. Just ask Lisa Kolda, who didn’t start running until nearly age 30. Read More »
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Lifestyle Changes to Help You Lose Weight

It’s easy to fall into the latest fad diet craze. Many products promise so much — but rarely do any of them result in weight loss alone. If you want to lose weight, it takes a lifestyle change in what you eat and how you eat, and a commitment to regular exercise. Read More »
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Six Ways to Help Your Weight Loss Resolution Stick

Now that it’s the new year, you’ve probably noticed all the advertisements about fat burners, pills and other products that promise to help you lose weight in a flash. Be wary of these claims. Rarely do they result in weight loss alone. Read More »
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Walking: Something We Take for Granted, Right?

We don’t even remember when we learned how to do it originally, but we have been doing it for years. Walking takes us from our bedroom to the kitchen, from our car to the grocery store, from the base of a mountain to the top! Read More »
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Six Tips to Make Your 2016 Resolution Dream Come True

Happy New Year! Have you made out your New Year’s resolution?  The reason so many people set their resolutions on Jan. 1 is that it’s a new year, a new beginning and new fresh start!  We look to take that time and wash away the old and faulty. Read More »
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