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Step to it: 10,000 Daily

Living in the Sioux Falls area, we are so fortunate to have miles of bike path, several parks and outdoor activities to keep us active during the summer. What a perfect place to be for the LiveNow Challenge!  Studies show that 10,000 steps daily is the right activity level to help prevent weight gain and keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle. Read More »
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Cardiac MRI Offers Clear Images for a Clearer Diagnosis

Photo Courtesy of Dakota Wesleyan UniversityJason Christensen, head women’s basketball coach at Dakota Wesleyan University, was cleared for more activity, thanks to clear images of his heart through cardiac MRI. Cardiac MRI provided such clear images of Jason Christensen’s heart, he’s been cleared to run and lift weights, rather than wonder if such activities might harm his heart. Read More »
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No Time in the Day for Exercise? Take the Stairs! (Infographic)

When you’re busy it can be hard to get 30 minutes of activity into your day. Debbie Lancto, Health and Wellness Champion at Avera Health Plans, has a solution: take the stairs. Research says using the stairs burns twice as many calories as walking. Read More »
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10,000 Steps: The Reason Behind the Number

Have you ever wondered where that elusive 10,000-step number came from or how many steps are right for you? Have you wondered about those crazy Fitbits that everyone is wearing? In the physical therapy department I have many patients every month ask me about walking goals so let’s tackle the question. Read More »
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4 Health Challenges We All Struggle With and What to Do About Them

People think about health, fitness and performance. A lot. In fact, 66 percent of folks put fitness as their top goal for the year. Problem is, most don’t follow through. Here is a breakdown in numbers: 66: Percentage of resolvers set fitness goals as part of their resolutions. Read More »
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But it’s cold out there: Why winter can be a great time to run

If you think of running as a sport that’s reserved for track stars, think again. Given that you’re healthy enough, anyone can begin running – even in the winter. Just ask Lisa Kolda, who didn’t start running until nearly age 30. Read More »
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