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Supervision is the key to water safety.

Safety First: Water Safety

Summer in the Midwest means it’s time for water fun! Whether you and your children plan to splash in the pool, go to the lake or water park, or just have some fun in the tub, thinking about water safety is very important. Read More »

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Safety First: Child Abduction Part II

In our last safety blog, we talked about child abduction and some prevention skills parents can teach to keep their children safe. But what do we teach our children to do in the unlikely event that someone actually tries to abduct them or coerce them into an inappropriate sexual encounter? Read More »

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Hiring a Teenage Baby Sitter

It’s always great to have family or friends who will watch your child; but for many parents, the day will come when you have to hire a teenager to care for your child so you can run errands, go to a meeting or have that all-important date night. Read More »

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It is important for parents to include stranger danger in the safety skills they teach their children.

Safety First: Child Abduction Part I

Amber Alerts, news reports about missing children, and posters with children’s faces seem to be a daily occurrence. The term “stranger danger” is often used in reference to child abductions. But statistics today tell us that most child abductions are carried out by a family member or a family acquaintance. Read More »

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Household items

Let’s Make It Safe: Poison Prevention Guidelines

Two-year-old Ethan’s mom was about to take her prenatal vitamin when the doorbell rang. She left the open container on the kitchen counter for just a minute. Ethan managed to reach the vitamins and swallowed several by the time his mom returned. Read More »

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Summer Biking Safety

It is that time of year again when families and children are engaging in outdoor activities, including bicycling, one of my favorite sports. If you haven’t taken your bike out from winter storage, it is time to do so. Check the tires, brakes and lights and do not forget your helmet. Read More »

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