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Let’s Eat! Helping Kids Develop Good Eating Habits; Part 2: Preschoolers and Older Kids

Four-year-old Megan won’t eat any green food, calling it “yucky.” Six-year-old Cole refuses to drink his milk and gags if his parents try to make him. Eight-year-old Ella refuses to eat at mealtime, so her parents give her a peanut butter sandwich every night. Read More »
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Let’s Eat! Helping Kids Develop Good Eating Habits; Part 1: Toddlers

Fifteen-month-old Ella eats only foods from the grain group — pasta, crackers, bread and rice. Eighteen-month-old Diego will sit in his high chair and eat for about 10 minutes, and then squirms and cries to get down. Two-year-old Joey refuses anything with a chewy texture and prefers soft food. Read More »
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Boredom Breakers: Playdough

Do you have memories of playing with playdough when you were growing up? In the 1950s and 60s, clay was used in preschools and kindergartens to help children develop the small muscles in the hands that would be needed later to use a writing instrument and cut with a scissors. Read More »
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New Year’s Resolution: Bring Back Family Mealtime

I’ve always liked the Norman Rockwell painting “Freedom from Want”; sometimes known as “The Thanksgiving Picture” depicting a family gathered as grandma and grandpa placed the turkey on the table. I hope you all had time over the holidays to gather your own family around the table. Read More »
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Fears and tears: What to do about separation anxiety

It might happen when grandma or auntie arrives to babysit. The first day of preschool. Or just one day out of the blue when you’re dropping off at day care for the hundredth time. That sweet little face puckers up, arms reach out wildly for you, and WAAAAA!! Read More »
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Children and Creativity

American ingenuity and creativity have been admired and coveted around the world for decades. But according to a researcher who has studied creativity for the last decade at the College of William and Mary, creativity in U.S. children is declining. The biggest decrease in creativity is seen in grades K-3. Read More »
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