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Home Alone

Many of you have seen the movie. In this comedy, 8-year-old Kevin is accidentally left behind when his family leaves on vacation. He uses his creativity and problem-solving skills to take care of himself and defend the family home. If you are thinking about allowing your child to be home alone, this movie might make you think twice! Read More »
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Garage Safety Tips for Families with Young Children

With spring weather on the horizon at last, I’m anxious to get the garage cleaned out. You might be thinking the same thing. If you have young children in the family, I hope you will think about garage safety at the same time. Read More »
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Is Making Kids Do Chores Worth the Effort? Part 2: Tips for Teaching Kids about Chores

If you read Part I on chores, you learned that it IS worth the effort to teach kids to do chores. They learn self-help skills, personal skills and working together as a family. But is it easy? Unfortunately, no! These tips can get you started and hopefully make chore time a little easier. Read More »
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Boredom Breakers: Mixing Colors

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to give your child some fine motor practice while having fun. You will need: An ice cube tray Food coloring A plastic medicine dropper (you might be able to get this free from your pharmacist) Water Cover the table with a towel. Read More »
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Is Making Kids Do Chores Worth the Effort? Part 1: Why Chores Are Important

Sample chore chart (click to view) Kids will typically resist doing chores, and who can blame them? I can easily think of 20 things I’d rather do than clean the toilets. Because of their developmental stage, young children are self-centered and self-absorbed. Read More »
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Turning Procrastination into Punctuality

While driving your kids to school, one of them mentions an untouched semester project that is due in two days. Now what? “When people think of procrastination, they think laziness,” said Michael Falconer, MSW-CSW, Clinical Social Worker at Avera Medical Group Brookings. Read More »
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