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Cindy Foerster

Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness: Cindy’s Story

When Cindy Foerster of Brookings found a lump on her breast in July 2013, the last thing on her mind was cancer. She was looking forward to celebrating her five-year wedding anniversary with her husband, Matt. Cindy had doubts about whether it could be breast cancer — she didn’t have a family history, she was only 36, and her most recent checkup had uncovered no concerns. Read More »
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Colonoscopy Prevents Cancer … Just Ask Dale

At age 55, Dale Dwire is no stranger to colonoscopies. He’s already had eight of them. During his last screening, his doctor found and removed eight polyps. In fact, doctors have found and removed polyps during all of his colonoscopy screenings beginning at age 35. Read More »
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Laurie and Mike Kelley

Living With Cancer: Simple Coping Strategies

When Michael Kelley of Pierre, S.D., was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma in 2013, his initial reaction was devastation. “I took it pretty hard at the diagnosis,” he said. Laurie and Mike Kelley Today, Mike and his wife, Laurie, refuse to let the worries of cancer consume their lives. Read More »
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Multi-Dimensional Breast Care at Avera

Many women age 40 and older at one point have experienced a phone call alerting them that they need further testing after a screening mammogram found an area of concern. While in many cases these turn out to be non-cancerous, the stress and worry are real. Read More »
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Sharing “Faith, Hope and Love” because of Avera’s Patience, Care and Compassion

I’d like to share a story about a cancer patient who benefited from holistic care at the Prairie Center, and she began to “pay it forward” by making beautiful quilts that display her gratitude… Registered nurses know so much about care that when they receive it, they can be considered true experts on its quality, much like chefs who review restaurants. Read More »
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Lung Cancer Screenings: A Painless Peace of Mind

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in South Dakota and in the United States. It has caused more deaths than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. There’s no better way to increase your awareness than getting a lung cancer screening. Read More »
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