Dr. Tad Jacobs

Chief Medical Officer of Avera Medical Group at Avera Health

Although I was born in Ohio, I consider myself a South Dakotan through and through. I live with my wife of 36 years, Kathy, on a farm outside of Flandreau, S.D. We have three grown children and three fantastic grandchildren.

I attended medical school at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Iowa and then began my career as a family practice physician. I provided care in Flandreau for 28 years before moving into the role of chief medical information officer for Avera. My current role is chief medical officer of Avera Medical Group. All of these role transitions have happened in the last six years, and while challenging, they have given me a greater appreciation for the wonderful work all health care providers do on behalf of our patients.

My personal mission in health care is bringing quality care to rural communities while empowering patients to take charge of their own health, and I believe working through Avera I have been able to achieve this goal. I love living the Avera mission and caring for those in need.

Outside of work I enjoy my farm. There is always something to be done on the farm, and I enjoy the time I spend working on it. I am fond of the outdoors and enjoy hunting, fishing, downhill skiing, environmental conservation and music.

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