Alan Helgeson

Marketing and Account Services Director at Avera McKennan

Growing up, my teachers always told me that as much as I talked in class, I should find a job that revolved around speaking. I always listen to wise people and I followed that advice by working for many years as an on-air personality and program director for several area radio stations before coming to Avera McKennan in 2005. With a B.A. in mass communications from Augustana College, I combined my experience in communications and marketing with my passion for educating people on the many exciting facets of healthcare.

Every day I am blessed and honored to be able to share stories of the healthcare world through a variety of advertising channels and materials. In an effort to further my skill, I am currently an MBA student at the University of Sioux Falls.

I am a native South Dakotan with a fantastic family that consists of my wife, two teenagers and the family dog. I love to sing. In fact, I am a member of a band called SHAYDZ and you may have heard us play at different venues around the region. I love to cook, watch the “Walking Dead,” and still find time to work on the radio. Blogging is new to me so I invite you along on this adventure and I hope you enjoy my story.

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The Chubby Chapters: Measuring Day

June 14.
That’s the deadline for me to get measured for my tux as I have the blessing of giving away my daughter in marriage on June 29.
Really? Only six months? Thinking about that is kind of like getting a cold bucket of water in the face. Read More »

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The Chubby Chapters: Ten Pounds

I am down 10 pounds since I began this journey! I am pretty excited! Now, if I can only do that six more times…
OK, here’s the quick update since last time—NO BOOT! Also, I have started doing some short running exercises. Read More »

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The Chubby Chapters: The Accidental Workout

You’ve got to have new shoes when you begin a fitness program, right? Unfortunately, a boot is not what I had in mind.
I’m kind of a klutz. A few years ago, I tore my MCL skiing, I’ve broken my wrist while snowboarding, and now I just rolled my ankle, hence the boot. Read More »

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The Chubby Chapters: Staying on Track

If there was a missing person file for the Avera McKennan Fitness center, my name would surely be on it. When I began this blog, I was confident that I could jump in, workout and get fit without a problem. The thing I missed was that I forgot about all the things that happen in my life. Read More »

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The Chubby Chapters: Lucky 7 and My Fitness Journey

Seven. An extraordinary number with rich history.
Vegas regulars confirm that fortunes are made and lost on this prime digit. Jesus refers to this number in the New Testament. There are seven articles to the constitution. Our nation’s capitol is built on the 77th parallel. Read More »

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The Chubby Chapters: Starting a Journey to Fitness

Eight months. It seems so far away, but I know the time will fly by just as the last several years have. In June 2013, I will walk into the room at the Ramada in Mitchell, S.D. for my 30th high school class reunion (Go Kernels!), and I am dreading it. Read More »

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