5 Tips for Back Health in Your Garden

If spring and summer bring out your green thumb, we want to make sure it doesn’t also bring on an aching back. Before you head out into your garden this season consider a few tips to keep your back safe and make your garden more enjoyable. Read More »
Brain and Spine · McKennan

Fight Hot Flashes Naturally

As the weather warms up, many people who are experiencing hot flashes become more intolerant of their symptoms. A woman’s hormones change with aging and sometimes medications or surgery cause a dysfunction of the body’s thermostat mechanism in the brain. The body’s thermostat suddenly reads too hot, triggering a response in the nervous system to get rid of the heat. Read More »
Integrative Medicine · McKennan

4 Food Tips for Healthy Outdoor Eating

Is camping or hiking on your agenda for this summer? If they are, then making a plan for safe, healthy and, of course, fun and tasty foods is also a must. We know we need plenty of fluids and energy bars are easy to pack, but there’s more to consider if you’re planning to be out for more than a couple of hours. Read More »
Nutrition · Marshall

Four Steps to Better Work Posture

Do you go home with a stiff neck, headache, or pain in the back or hips?  Sitting in a chair for hours at a time with incorrect posture can lead to any or all of these problems. Often with just a few small changes you can be comfortable and pain free at the end of the workday. Read More »
Brain and Spine · McKennan

Play! With Your Food

Play and exploration are essential to a child’s development.  Children use play to learn about their environment and the different sensory experiences that make up that environment.  Just as playtime is important throughout the day for children, it also is important during mealtime. Read More »
Child Development · Sacred Heart

Carbs: To Fear or Not to Fear … That Is the Question!

Many of us have tried or know someone who has tried a high protein, low carbohydrate or no carbohydrate diet. We also know that these diets often end in failure. Why? Sustainability. Advocates for protein-rich diets urge individuals to stay away from carbohydrates because they are responsible for the obesity epidemic and chronic disease burden of the world. Read More »
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