Protect Kids’ Sensitive Skin this Summer

As you’re planning to send your kids outside this summer — whether to the park or away at summer camp — don’t forget to think about summer skin care. “We all love the sun; it’s warm and it’s fun playing outside. Read More »
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Squeeze, Cut, Twist: Increasing Hand Strength and Coordination

As an occupational therapist, I spend a lot of time working with hands of all ages and abilities.  I help my clients regain range of motion after an injury, recover strength after a stroke or improve coordination while writing. We often take our hands for granted, but imagine trying to do your daily activities without them! Read More »
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Encouraging Your Child’s Language Skills

From the time a parent brings that precious newborn home from the hospital, language skills are developing. Humans are genetically programmed to learn language. Our use of speech and symbols sets us apart from other species on the planet. But to develop language skills, humans need human interaction. Read More »
Child Development · McKennan

Increase Playtime and Limit Screen Time

As the weather warms up it is important to encourage kids to get outside and play! It is so easy for kids to have access to electronics and spend hours in front of a screen. Below I have outlined some of the negative effects screen time can have on the developing child’s brain and vision. Read More »
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High-Risk Pregnancy? Be Proactive Instead of Afraid

“High risk” are two little words capable of causing big worries for expectant moms. Yet through technology and highly specialized medicine, much can be done to address the different risk factors of pregnancy. Les Heddleston, MD, Perinatologist with the Avera Medical Group Maternal Fetal Medicine, said a healthy, proactive concern is more productive than worry and anxiety. Read More »
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Packing for Baby: What to Bring and What to Leave at Home

Packing a bag ahead of time is a must for expecting mothers so you don’t forget anything important while you’re rushing to meet your new baby. Here’s a checklist of must haves compiled by Christine Stehly, MD, OB-GYN at Avera Medical Group Obstetrics & Gynecology Aberdeen. Read More »
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