Water, Water Everywhere…Make Sure You Get Your Drop to Drink!

A key to making sure we can handle work and play when it’s hot outside is to make sure we maintain our water intake. The human body is a water machine. Like a race car that runs on high octane fuel, our human machine runs primarily on water and minerals. Read More »
Wellness and Prevention · Sacred Heart

Stay Safe This Harvest Season

Across the region, farmers will soon begin putting in long hours to harvest their crops. Preparing equipment, combining fields, hauling grain and driving to and from fields leaves little time for anything else — especially an accident. Farming is ranked among the world’s most hazardous professions. Read More »
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Throwing a “Happy” Birthday

Cake, balloons, gifts and friends — there’s something magical about a child’s birthday. But there can be an “unhappy” side to birthday parties as well. Many parents feel obliged to keep the invited — and the uninvited — content. Sending invitations Unless your child has only 10 classmates, it’s probably not realistic to invite everyone. Read More »
Child Development · Avera Health

Herbal Supplement Therapies: What Are the Options?

Shopping for supplements can be an overwhelming experience because there are so many to choose from. Sometimes it’s helpful to have help sorting out which supplements will fit your needs and have been proven effective. That’s where a Integrative Medicine doctors can help. Read More »
Integrative Medicine · McKennan

Protect Your Family: Immunize

Fall is back-to-school time and that means the rush is on to get kids in for annual physicals and immunizations. Children and teens aren’t the only ones who have to worry about keeping up with their shots — adults also are at risk for illnesses easily prevented by immunization. Read More »
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Multi-Dimensional Breast Care at Avera

Many women age 40 and older at one point have experienced a phone call alerting them that they need further testing after a screening mammogram found an area of concern. While in many cases these turn out to be non-cancerous, the stress and worry are real. Read More »
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