When to get help for a headache

There are some 200 different kinds of headaches, and about 90 percent are of the non-dangerous type. We’re not talking about how miserably or painful headaches can be, just that most are “not dangerous.” This is about how to recognize when a headache might be dangerous, and when to come in and see the doctor or care provider. Read More »

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5 Fast Tips for a Faster Track Block Start

December is upon us, which means track and field is right around the corner! December through February is the optimal time frame to start gearing up and getting ready to hit the track again. These tips can help an athlete get the most out of his or her block starts this year. Read More »

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We Have Too Many Toys! Alternative Gifts for Kids

The holidays are fast approaching and our thoughts turn to the frenzy of buying gifts. It’s always a joy to select gifts for friends and family, and watch their (hopefully) delight when the gift is opened. Buying toys for kids and hearing their squeals of delight is especially satisfying! Read More »

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Preventing a Season of Shin Splints

Your star runner on the track team is losing her speed. Once unintimidated by races and long runs, she now struggles to jog a simple mile. She may be enduring a shin splint.
What are shin splints?
Shin splints are a common lower leg injury for runners. Read More »

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Run Faster, Jump Higher: Training for the Upcoming Track Season

Train the Proper Energy System
Many people assume that whether an individual athlete hurdles, jumps, sprints, throws or runs endurance events, all athletes should have an “aerobic base” as the foundation for a season’s worth of  strong showings. While this approach may hold true for distance runners, sports scientists report that using a “long, slow” distance training approach for sprinters and jumpers holds little value. Read More »

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Boredom Breakers: Glitter Paint

Toddlers love to squeeze! If you give them a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of glue, they will squeeze out every last ounce. They are not trying to be naughty or wasteful; they just need to experiment to understand how things work. Read More »

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