Last Call: Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Ends Feb. 15

If you want health insurance or want to look for a different plan – you still have time! There isn’t much time left so I won’t waste words. Open enrollment for health insurance on the Marketplace ends at midnight on Sunday, Feb. Read More »
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The Spanking Dilemma

Spanking children is deeply ingrained in our culture. Most adults remember being spanked as a child. Today, physical punishment of a child is legal in all states and many states also allow the use of an object — paddle, switch, wooden spoon, strap — for reasonable supervision and control of a child as long as it is not “excessive” and does not cause injury. Read More »
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6 Tips to Optimize Immune Function and Stay Healthy

Cold and flu season is upon us! Utilize the following tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy. 1) Contact precautions — Prevention is always the best medicine! Cover coughs and sneezes with your inner elbow, wash hands frequently, take advantage of hand sanitizers and wipes in public places. Read More »
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Top 10 Workout Trends for 2015

The new year means new goals! I wanted to share with you the 10 trends that the American College of Sports Medicine has predicted for 2015. The cool thing about these trends is that people of all ages, sizes and function can do these! Read More »
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Journey to Wellness: A Change in Diet

At a recent staff meeting we were discussing New Year’s resolutions. Common themes each year include weight loss, improving exercising goals, reducing stress and more time for self. There are many other resolutions but as we all know, they are very difficult to keep. Read More »
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Integrative Medicine and Your New Year’s Health Resolutions

We all view change as difficult and time consuming, but if you’ve committed to making long-term health changes this year, integrative medicine might be the means toward helping you be successful in making changes for good. Common New Year’s resolutions I hear from my patients include quitting smoking, losing weight or just eating healthier. Read More »
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