Journey to Wellness: The Dairy Debate

As someone who subscribes to a plant-based diet (vegan), last month I answered the question about where I get protein in my diet. This month I thought I would answer the second most common question I receive: Where do you get your calcium? Read More »
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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: Intensity of Expression

Ever notice how some kids can stub a toe and cry for half an hour while another can fall and bloody his nose, but just gets up, wipes his nose and goes on as if nothing happened? These would be examples of the opposite extremes of the intensity temperament trait. Read More »
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Exercise With a Partner for Improved Success

Do you want increased success maintaining your fitness routine and have better results in the process? Exercising with a partner might be the answer. Around this time of year, the initial enthusiasm you had for fitness glory around New Year’s could be waning. Read More »
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Getting Doctor-Administered Acupuncture Can Offer Relief for Many Conditions

For an effective medical treatment that has 4,000 years of results to its name, acupuncture, for many people, still seems to be shrouded in mystery or myths. As a medical doctor who provides acupuncture and who routinely has patients comment on how they are feeling better because of their acupuncture treatments, I’ll be the first person to brush those myths away and explain that for an amazingly wide range of issues — from allergies, sinus issues, any type of pain and stress to hot flashes, anxiety, headaches and gastrointestinal symptoms — acupuncture works, plain and simple. Read More »
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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: First Response

I observed a group of kids playing the other day and commented to one of the moms how wonderful it is to see a group of little ones playing so well together. “It hasn’t always been that way. When we first joined this group, my son, Jackson, wouldn’t have anything to do with the other kids. Read More »
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The Beauty of Quality Sleep

Get your beauty sleep for a beautiful you, inside and out. Many important physiological functions are at work during sleep for optimal daytime performance. Most adults require six to eight hours of nightly sleep. Your body utilizes this sleep time to reverse oxidative stress, replenish energy stores, maximize learning and memory, and regulate physiological functions of your metabolism and other body systems such as the digestive and immune systems. Read More »
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