Beat the Heat!

As the weather continues to promise spring conditions, now is a good time to talk about how heat affects us, especially since many people and athletes are looking forward to some quality time outdoors. Heat illness takes many forms, from mild to severe. Read More »
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Athletic Republic: Enhancing the Dynamic Athlete

With the purchase of an Athletic Republic Sports Performance Training franchise in 1994, Avera Sports became the first in the region to enter the sports training market — and we continue to set the pace as the region’s leader in the development of speed, strength and conditioning for male and female athletes of all ages and sporting backgrounds. Read More »
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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: Sensitivity

There’s probably nothing more frustrating to a parent than to be in a hurry to get somewhere (and aren’t we always in a hurry to get somewhere?!) only to have a child who melts down because his socks feel wrong. Seriously, how wrong could socks possibly feel? Read More »
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Understanding Your Child’s Temperament: Quality of Mood

What is the first thing you do when a small child looks up at you and breaks out in a big grin? Typically we grin back at him. This interaction is important for a child even though the adult responds with hardly a thought. Read More »
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To Stabilize or Mobilize

We’ve all done it at one time or another.  We work out. We get tight, stiff and sore — or all of the above.  So we try stretching, mobilizing, foam rolling, rolling with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. We get our hands on “self torture devices” that move us around in odd shapes, do body work, manipulation, contortion, voodoo or anything that might give us relief. Read More »
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Five Things Healthy Families Are Doing

Good health — it’s important! And the well-being of our families, as a collective whole, is just as important as our individual health. While no two families are alike, generally happy and healthy families seem to share several attributes that nurture the mind, body and soul. Read More »
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